Meet the Douglas’

Frog, Turtle, Lion

We are a crazy family with three baby boys, two guinea pigs, a purebred Toy Chihuahua, a cat, and three fish. We cloth diaper our youngest and are currently enjoying the fun of potty training our second toddler while our oldest is finally “going dirty in the potty!”. DH is a successful graphics designer/editor for a local paper and I am a sahm and recent graduate from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor’s in Anthropology. Our lives are non-stop, always doing something and enjoying being with each other. Maybe one day it will all slow down, but probably not for another eighteen plus years ;p

In August of 2012, we found out our oldest, Lion, had a delay in speech. He was seeing a speech specialist, but then the summer came and our schedules changed in the fall that we could no longer accommodate the schedule. Being a parent to an exceptional child has its ups and downs. In the beginning, it really wasn’t tough at all. We learned what he was saying and would correct him as we went.

In October 2013, Lion was suspended from his daycare. He had become out of control, the daycare said there wasn’t anything else they could do for him. It felt like we were shut out. We took Lion to a psychologist, who our pediatrician referred us to, who later diagnosed him with ADHD-CT and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (all because of certain sensory issues that don’t equal to autism at all). Instead of being those parents that feels there is nothing wrong with our child – he’s three and a boy-we decided to keep an open mind, search for a second opinion, and learn about the disorders.

our wedding

In November of 2013 we took our boys out of the daycare. We had enough. Our younger two were fine, but Lion was still getting the short end of the stick. I was being constantly called in to “handle/deal” with him because they no longer could. We were tired of the fact that they just cut their losses, exasperated every time they saw him, every time he didn’t listen to them, every time he did something that they didn’t like. Enough was enough!

In January 2014, we went back to the Children’s Hospital in Jackson, MS to see a Pediatric Social Worker. I explained everything to him, he asked his questions, and he read over the psychologist’s report. Though we don’t agree on this, he said you can diagnose a child Lion’s age with ADHD ( I just say a child this young is still learning the ropes) and that PDD no longer exists (not that it doesn’t exist period but diagnosticians’ were becoming too diagnosis-happy and if one person showed even an ounce of difference or one thing on the spectrum they were considered PDD). Instead, he is now considered to Sensory Processing Disorder, something that makes much more sense after doing our research.

We are fairly frugal. We try to save money where we can by cloth diapering, breastfeeding, using soap nuts for our laundry, eating at home as often as possible, and finding whatever deals we can. We try to be as active as we can, we only have this one life with each other and need to make the best of it for as long as we can!

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