Take 2

So I’m always trying to find ways to add fruits to our foods. I have an extremely picky toddler and I really want him to eat healthy…yah right. One day I decided I was going to make some chocolate chocolate chip muffins and add some strawberries. It was so good, but it wasn’t exactly coming out the way I wanted it to. So I tried it again and that time I went ahead and added the strawberries to the mixer. Much better results! Keep in mind if you do this you really need to let them cool for more than 20 minutes, maybe even an hour. Yes, I realized the strawberry pieces would be hot, but I had hoped they would be cooled down. Not a chance. I’m thinking I might purée the strawberries with the milk next time and see how that works.

Now I have a new bread machine…my first actually. I have experimented like crazy, and either my trash has turned into a back of bricks (haven’t quite figured out the ratio of honey to liquids instead of sugar) or my fridge is full of breads that won’t be eaten quick enough. I’m the only one in this house that will eat experimental bread. My sandwich bread is perfect, so DH will eat a loaf in about a week, but I have some banana, chocolate chip, nut bread that I haven’t touched in a few days and my first batch of banana strawberry bread. I think I am so much into aesthetics that the latter may never be eaten.

I am making the second batch of banana strawberry bread. I think I know what mistakes I made the first time around. I found the recipe at http://www.squidoo.com/strawberry-banana-bread  and I followed the printable version of the recipe. The instructions said to add the ingredients exactly as listed. My bread didn’t turn out good and it’s very hard. This time I decided to follow the colored text boxes. If you do the latter, you will notice under dry ingredients the author didn’t mention salt. I’m glad I noticed this as I was putting everything away. Luckily the ingredients weren’t a full dough ball yet, so I put the salt on top. Now I’m wondering if I should have spread it out a little more instead of just putting it on top, but we’ll see how it works out.

I love to follow instructions. If someone has made a base, it makes it so much easier for me to follow so I won’t mess up. Only problem is it doesn’t always work for everyone. So I changed a few things this time. The instructions I’ve seen for making bread for my machine is to mix everything, accordingly; mix the wet ingredients in one bowl and the dry in another. Since I didn’t do that for this bread the first time, I decided to do it this time, maybe it’ll help.

If you want to try this recipe, try the original first. I am no expert and I don’t know how well my version will come out.

(Side Note: I just checked on the bread and in the original recipe she has listed that she sometimes has to use a plastic spatula to help mix the ingredients more, get them unstuck from the sides. I didn’t have to do this with my sandwich bread from the machine’s recipe book, but I did with this recipe. Maybe that will explain why my first batch came out so hard and weird-looking.)

So now we’ll wait and see how the bread looks. Maybe it’ll look like a real loaf this time.


I don’t understand what’s wrong. The inside is fine but the outside, the crust, is so hard. It has a hint of banana and strawberry, but just a hint. The bag is my original loaf, from the original recipe. Should I take the oats out? I don’t even know if I really need the oats in any way…Should I add water? I’m wondering if it’s dry from a lack of liquids. I think I will use the wheat sandwich bread recipe from the recipe booklet for the machine and play with adding the fruit. Maybe that’ll help… :/

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