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I have entered into a contest through Kroger’s Simple Choices, Greener World. Who is going to understand my design though? In creation myths of the Iroquois and Lenape, to name some East Coast tribes, the Great Spirit created the homeland by putting earth on a giant turtle’s back. In the Plains, tribes associate turtles with fertility, longevity, and protection. Other tribes believe the turtle to be a symbol of healing, spirituality, and wisdom.

Here are some stories told to an Abenaki Indian from Quebec, passed to him in his native language.

This image is my own that I have created. It took me quite a long time because I am worse than a beginner at photoshop. I prefer paint since that is what I have known for the longest, but we all have to learn new things eventually. I had to read a lot of tutorials to figure out how to get everything to blend. I was about to give up, find some rights free images, do some tracing to blend, scan, then add color in photoshop. Glad I kept at it. It took me almost 6 hours, maybe more. I really can’t remember.

Anyway, if you click on the image, choose Kroger and it should take you to my bag to vote for it. I’m so happy about this baby I’m thinking of doing more with it. Making it my symbol of change to spread my love for all things natural, an eco-friendly world, and the environment!

And don’t get me wrong. The money is nice. We could really use that to help us out when we go grocery shopping. Though to see my design on shopping bags, to see people buying the bags because the design intrigues them…that’s the ultimate reward.

The turtle is a Native American symbol. This is its lore: The name “Turtle Island” comes from a common Native American legend and is their name for the North American continent. The story tells us that North America is perched on the back of a very large tortoise who has volunteered its shell as a home for the land animals.

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