Have you taken the pledge to get out???

BabyCenter is having their 2nd Annual Big Day Out and they are celebrating in such an awesome way! WITH A GIvEAWAY!!! Now who doesn’t love free stuff? If you love to wear your baby/toddler and find that it makes your day-to-day so much easier than this giveaway is for you! EROGbaby is celebrating with BabyCenter by giving three lucky readers with an ERGObaby Carrier in Outback. I love Ergobaby! I love them so much that I often forget who all is giving away an ERGObaby and try to win one from Australia! I’m so silly, I know.

So where would you go with your ERGObaby? With the rate of obesity rising, especially in our little ones, it’s extremely important to get outside. Where we were living before, it wasn’t very safe to go outside and play. There were so many factors to consider that it made staying in and playing Wii sports the better option. BTW, my toddler is kicking our butts in boxing. Anyway, at our new place we have a partially fenced in backyard, a safer neighborhood and lots of fun! Taking my boys outside is so much better and easier!

My toddler has such a blast playing in the dirt and grass and he loves the swing set. We are even closer to some of the city parks which makes getting out even that much more fun. It can be tough sometimes with BB. He’s still too little to play and LB still requires so much attention to feel like he is still important that not babywearing isn’t even an option.

Where would I go with an ERGO? Babywearing has been so helpful in our family. I love the carriers I have used/owned so far, but I need a carrier that also has storage options. Yah! No more carrying a purse with me while babywearing or worrying about what to do with my purse when I go on an outing. I can put everything in the large storage pocket. And here’s the best part, for me at least. IT’S MADE TO FIT AN ADULT AS TALL AS 6’5″!

I am 6′ tall and the carriers I have used so far are mostly for adults who are no bigger than 6′, and sometimes smaller. Do you know how hard it is to get a comfortable carrier that will have excess room that I won’t need? BB will be worn properly and comfortably for both of us.

I will be able to get out more! No more dragging the stroller around, worrying about trying to chase after my toddler with the big bulky stroller holding my infant, the one that I may have to leave on the track in order to easily run through the grass. Please tell me I’m not the only one that has had to do that. And as much as I’ve loved my wraps, I live in Mississippi. I never broke a sweat while growing up, when I was going through Army basic training and A-school, even while living in the desert. I get pregnant and boom! Now I sweat. Wraps in the hot weather just isn’t fun. I feel like my baby and I should be naked under the wrap in order to feel cool.

So how about it. Where would you go with an ERGO? What would you be able to accomplish? You have lots of chances, to separate sites to enter. Good luck!

Giveaway ends May 19 11:59 EST

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