Babywearing Dad’s are awesome!

If you have kids like mine, or practice attachment parenting like we do, you know they always like to be carried. When you’re busy like us, DH works (24/7 it feels like) and I am a SAHM that doesn’t get to always sit in front of the tv and lounge. I have a house to keep together. Then there are the adventures out of home. Even though gas prices have gone down (doing the happy dance!!!) we still are trying to save every ounce we possibly can. This means walking to our closest park, which is about a mile away, maybe less. Since we live near a busy road, we prefer to wear our boys. Strollers are nice, great for when we go shopping, but we can move a lot faster while babywearing than we can with a stroller. Stroller wheels get caught in the broken sidewalks or the sidewalk is damaged, due to our wonderful engineers that decided a sidewalk right next to a gigantic tree was a bright idea, that we have to move down to the road, go around the damage and then back onto the sidewalk. Did I mention we live near a busy road?

The best option for us is to carry our boys. We can walk across the damage. It’s not so bad that we can’t walk across it, just nearly impossible to push a stroller over every crack. Our oldest, we call him Little Boy, loves it when he gets to ride daddy’s back. He loves it even more if he can get on his daddy’s shoulders. Like all babies, they grow up and out grow much of what you thought would last them a while. That’s what happened to our last carrier. Little Boy is too big for the carrier he has grown to love. He could easily sit in it and relax. Now Baby Boy gets to use it. We have another carrier that will fit Little Boy, but it doesn’t sit on Daddy right and hurts his back too much, so I’m the lucky one to carry a 35lb toddler on my back. It’s okay though, I love to baby wear and I love the hugs I get in return.

Where does that leave Daddy? Well hopefully here. Ergobaby loves babywearing dad’s just as much as the next person. There is just something about a Dad that can comfort his baby the way we all believed only Moms could. If it wasn’t for a baby carrier, I don’t think my husband would carry our boys as often as he does. He’s the working parent in this family, he’s exhausted when he gets home and he just wants to relax. The boys love it when they can cuddle with him while he is relaxing, but when he gets up to go fix himself something to eat or pour some tea they want to be with him every step of the way, in his arms. The best solution for that is to babywear, for us anyway.

Hopefully we can win the Performance Carrier for my hubby so he too can continue to wear Little Boy!

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