I am baking again…everyone watch out!

I wish I had taken pictures during the entire process, but it’s late, I have crabby babies, bread baking and barometric arthritis causing me problems (damn you TS Debby). I will make sure to get pictures next time.

So we bought a Perfect Brownie™ Baking Pan on sale from B•A•M and hubby has implemented a 24hr rule: any new appliance we buy (mostly kitchen) must be used in the first 24hrs after we buy it or it’s gone. This will keep us from buying a bunch of useless crap.

I have never made brownies from scratch. My mom wasn’t one to teach me to cook, it was just something you learned along daily life adventures. I’ve always learned to bake/cook from a box.

Seeing I had to melt chocolate and butter to make brownies I was sort of surprised. This is a new adventure for me. I bought a double boiler a couple years ago for pasteurizing breastmilk when I had thrush and decided to melt the butter and chocolate in that than to put it through the microwave, like the recipe instructed.

It turned out really good that way. And just like any good parent teaches their child, I wanted to taste the chocolate. I have never had unsweetened chocolate before and I should have thought that 6oz of uc and 3/4c of butter probably wouldn’t taste very good.

DH was enjoying the show. He laughed at me as I cried for milk…anything that would wash that foul taste out of my mouth. It was really nasty. I have never tasted something so horrible in my life!

I felt better after I finished mixing it completely and pouring it into the pan. Of course, I licked the spatula and hubby ran a finger along the bowl. I felt so much better, sadly though I still can taste that nasty mixture.

30 minutes in the oven and I pulled it out, put it on its stand and they fell apart. DH said they hadn’t finished cooling all the way. Put it back in for another 5 and he says they still look a little runny.

Put it in for another 10 minutes and will do a toothpick test to see if it’s done. 35 minutes so far is not enough. We’ll see what 45 minutes look like.

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