Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender = Human Being

So this is going around, and yes I even shared it and stated my happiness that my toddler DOESN’T like their food: Chic-Fil-A donates $2 mil to antigay organizations. I see mix responses on people’s statuses, either their happy this is done or against it.

WTH!!! I just totally lost respect for some people, one of them I’ve worked with. I get it. It’s a personal choice, but guess what: lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered are all humans just like you and me. They bleed red just like you and me. Some even serve our country, state, and or local community so you can continue to have your rights to bash them.

Because the bible says its wrong you will automatically condemn anyone who is different than you and doesn’t share your morals and values? Are your lives really so black and white? I guess they would have to be since so many of you have been offended by Oreo’s colorful support.

What happened to thou shall not judge? Or is their a side note stating the exceptions to this commandment are lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders? Before you stop here and decided to leave me a nasty comment, how about you read a few passages and explanations from christian gays: Christian Gays on gay marriage.

If you’re still with me, here is a link to a list of companies that support HUMAN RIGHTS. After all, loving someone of the same sex or people choosing to change their sex doesn’t make them aliens, doesn’t mean they bleed green, blue, black or yellow liquid. They are simply human beings. Companies that support gay rights.

So I guess now this means you will no longer buy from Amazon or fly with American, Delta, Southwest or United Airlines.

Make sure you put down that iPhone and any Mac product down or your fellow anti-gay supporters may think you’re weak. This also goes for Microsoft, so i guess this means you can only use Linux.

No more Clorox products and no more drinking Coca-Cola products.

No more sleeping at the Hilton and its affiliates. No more Big Macs, which also means no longer helping to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House and all those children, plus helping the parents to stay close to their babies. No, of course you don’t want to do that.

No more eating at Applebee’s, Olive Garden or Red Lobster. Stop clipping those P&G coupons too.

No more UPS, Walgreens and you can never ever again enjoy anything Walt Disney.

I’m sure there are even more places that support HUMAN RIGHTS, but this is what I have found so far. Has this thrown your whole perspective on things out of balance?

I respect people’s morals and values, but when you bash people because of their choices what does that make you? What kind of person are you trying to be where hate is a part of your morals and values?

Is it so hard to accept people for their choices? Is it so hard to accept places that support human rights? What would happen if everyone was the same? The world would be absolutely boring.

Did you know lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders don’t raise their kids (for those that have kids) to be exactly like them? They do what all parents should do and teach their kids about acceptance and differences. No one wants to be hated. No one can force their hearts one way or the other. The heart wants what it wants.

So whether I still have friends or not after this, I know where I will be standing. I stand with all human beings because we are all just that: human beings.

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