Military wives to be assigned ranks

Disclaimer: I had seen this link from a friend on Facebook and she was very upset by the post. No one knew it was complete satire. So I decided to put forth my two cents. Since I don’t like to delete posts for any reason I am putting up this little disclaimer. Maybe this will teach me to pay more attention.

I’ve grown up with the military, been military and an Army wife. This shit is ridiculous! When you marry into the military expect your spouse to be gone on training and deployments a lot.

Can’t handle it? Then make a decision. The military is not a job where you can make negotiations about how long of a day you want to work so you can spend time with family. There are set hours and set rules.

As for the SgtMaj’s wife. She sounded more appalled by the fact that the woman had tattoo sleeves than she did about the woman not greeting her.

Here’s a tip for the senior enlisted’s wives that feel they need recognition too. Your picture is not posted under the chain of command. Your sponsor’s is.

When I attended FRG meetings, not every wife came, so I didn’t know who the company commander’s wife was, just the platoon leader’s.

Another tip, unless the sponsor’s are with the spouses and see the chain of commands spouses, they are not going to know who is who. For all that woman knew she was passing the wife of a Sgt.

We are not given flash cards of who’s who. That’s the point of company functions. You get together and your spouse introduces you to their chain of command and those sponsors introduce you to their spouses.

To give spouses rank is pushing the limits. I feel sorry for the company of snipers mentioned. 1st Lt. Morris needs to be responsible for only his men. Giving rank to the wives is like creating a clique of favorites. That’s not what it is, but the wives will take it out of control and whoever has the higher rank may take it all to their head. This is such a bad idea.

Check out the original Story here

If you are going to assign the spouses ranks then they should go through the same training as their sponsors to understand what it is they deal with on a daily basis. People, military life is not a 9-5 job where you sit behind a desk all day, and for some of these women it’s not a job where you sit home with the kids all day maintaining daily chores.

Being assigned ranks won’t change anything. It will make life that much harder. Many of the sponsor’s feel entitled because they’ve been a part of the military for so long. Give them rank means giving them a voice and the means to say and do whatever they want.

Do this and there should be training involved. Teach the spouses why there is rank. It’s not to boss people around. It’s to teach those of lower ranks how to survive based on the training and experiences they themselves have gone through. A 1st Lt, especially of a sniper company, goes through years of training. You don’t just join and that’s it. You’re either ROTC, OCS (which means you’ve been enlisted for some time and have been given a recommendation to become an officer), or West Point.

Senior enlisted are where they are base on their experience, training, and years in service. They have earned their rank! Now you want to just give that to a spouse?

At the time when my mother was a Marine wife, the wives were issued a book: How to have a proper tea (or something like that). The wives were told to attend the family functions, often without their husbands, and have a meet and greet with the other wives. This was how the wives became to know who each other was.

Things like that aren’t even practiced much. You typically meet the wives at FRG meetings or family functions, and even then not everyone attends.

If the Pentagon feels this is necessary, than start all the wives, even senior enlisted wives, at the bottom of the totem pole. Make them attend training made specifically for the wives to advance their ranks. This would be up to the powers that be as to what the training should be. But just like the sponsors, as they put in the time and training, they advance. A spouse should not just advance because their sponsor has proven themselves capable. The spouse must also prove themselves capable to lead a group of their peers.

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