This Crazy Douglas Life We Live

On Friday, before I heard about Connecticut, our day had started off with me waking up far too early, to wake my oldest up and get him ready for his very first speech therapy session. We even put him to bed earlier than he has gone to make sure he wouldn’t be a crab with this “stranger.”

Eight came and went. There was no one gracing our front porch. Needless to say I was a little irritated. We have just a little over seven weeks until Baby #3 is here and I’m not sleeping very comfortably. Nearly twenty minutes went by and I finally called the school district.

I had on my mind to tell them I’m not happy with this, I don’t want some stranger coming to my home, and I think we will go see a speech therapist at their office. I didn’t say any of those things when the woman picked up the phone.

I explained to her that no one showed up. She kept me on the line while she used her personal phone to call the speech therapist. Turns out the woman is sick and was going to head to the doctor soon. Apparently the courtesy to cancel with clients, new clients at that, is not a priority.

She offered to come by later in the day to make up for it. Really? Do I sound like I want whatever she may have spreading around my house? Anyway I told her no and we’d just see her next week. I hope she’ll be better because I don’t need something traveling through our home.

Since I was up, I called the pediatrician’s office. They had a problem with their computers and couldn’t see any of their appointments or walk-ins the previous day. Their computers just came back online and said for us to come in before 1030. I woke DH up, he just completed a night shift and crawled into bed about 330, and asked him to help me get the boys together.

He’s such a trooper. He offered to help me out, knowing it’s a bit overwhelming with both boys at the pediatrician’s office. We finally made it in and waited. BB needed his second flu shot, for those that are unfamiliar with this way of doing flu shots, for first time flu shot recipients it is typical for the patient to only get half shots one week and the other half four weeks later. Unfortunately BB ran a fever and we couldn’t do the second shot. Finally we were getting it done.

After his shot LB needed to do his 36 month wellness checkup. We talked about the “ligament/muscle/lymph node/growth” growing on the side of his neck. I thought it had been there for about a month, but DH informed me last night it’s been there longer. That made me feel like mother of the year.

After observing LB, the pediatrician decided to have him seen by the child development center and a state audiologist in Jackson next month. With his speech issues and his behavior, which we both believe the latter is just a three-year old acting out, it’s best to have him retested and have him tested for iq and behavioral issues to rule out any disorders and whatnot. I’m fine with it and curious what the results will be. DH, not so much.

On our way to running errands, I had to return my textbook rents or be charged 75% of the new book price plus tax, DH told me about what he’d heard on the news. There have been lots of public shooting going on lately, so I really didn’t think much about anything actually happening but checked it out anyway.

The emotions that came over me, as a person and a parent, was just too much. How does a person decide they’re going to take another’s life, let alone the many lives of those that have barely lived? I kept myself glued to the news reports as they came in, but kept my mind on my family.

We made it back into town and had to pick up prescriptions and go to the outpatient pavilion to get LB’s labs done. That was a lot of fun. DH had to leave me to change BB, and for the first time there wasn’t a wait in the lab room. Needless to say, we still had to wait for DH to join us. LB was thrashing so hard I was afraid he was going to hurt himself and the baby. The tech wanted to stick him, but I convinced her to use his finger. She explained that would take a long time, but it was either doing it that way or it wasn’t going to happen at all. LB was not having it. I think he is still traumatized from being stuck when he was just over one. I was pregnant with BB at the time and did the best I could to hold him down, but five nurses had to hold him down, he was that strong at that point and even stronger now, and finally the EMT that brought us in had to come help.

I made sure to ask them if the samples they collected were clotted. I learned after BB’s last lab ride that if you don’t draw from the finger fast enough you have to redo it. Luckily he was good to go, but he was not having the band-aid. They finally gave him one he liked and he kept it on for a while. We made it home and our day was finally over.

DH had just crawled into bed from his night shift. It was about 330 in the morning. I managed to force myself to sleep by midnight after reading news report after news report. By 340, I was in the shower. I had cuddled with BB after he made a really loud belch and tried to put him back to sleep. He had been restless all night, but I didn’t think it had anything to do with his flu shot since he hadn’t developed a fever this time. That was until I was met with a face and nearly my entire head full of vomit. Since the kids ate the same thing, and all I saw was water and cheese, I knew it was from the flu shot. Oh the joys of parenting.

I jumped into the shower, DH stripped the bed, I told him to bring me BB so I could bathe him and then we were off to the er. He wasn’t holding anything down, we didn’t have anything to help him and since I’m no longer breastfeeding, our options were limited. Get him to the er and he vomited more water. In the two hours from the first upchuck to when we were triaged, he had thrown up about five times. BB and I had finally fallen asleep in a room where we waited for the doctor. An hour waiting and an hour spent sleeping, BB hadn’t thrown up again. It took the doctor all of five minutes to tell me BB would need a shot of zofran and would need to drink only pedialyte for the next 12 hours.

We were finally home and I gave BB some water. I was still hesitant on whether I was going to do pedialyte or not. I mentioned to the doctor that I know the electrolytes would be good for BB, but was it safe since the product is meant for two-year-olds and older. He said to dilute it, which I’m still debating, and I was wondering if there was a reason behind the manufacturer stating on their product that it should not be diluted at all. When the nurse checked us out she said just to do small sips, one to allow his stomach to digest it properly and two this would mean we wouldn’t have to dilute it.

I don’t like being one of those parent’s that disregards what a doctor says. I really don’t because I don’t want it to feel like I wasted both mine and his time. I still haven’t purchased any pedialyte and I gave BB some bread since he hadn’t thrown up in several hours and he was starving. He still hasn’t thrown up, but his stomach is pushing out the virus. My poor baby.

He was on a very bland diet on Saturday. I wanted to make sure he was still getting calories from somewhere since I didn’t think it best for him to have milk yet. He did manage to sneak in some of LB’s milk, and he was so thrilled, that was until his diapers were becoming pretty rank. So now dairy whatsoever, only water and some grains. He is still pushing it all out and he has started a fever. I’m only hoping this is a reaction from his shot and he didn’t have anything earlier that we were unaware of.

Day two of sick baby has been a thrill. You would swear I was breastfeeding him again with as many dirty diapers he has given us. Luckily, it seems like the virus has mostly dissipated. His bum is no longer looking blistery. Amazing how you can tell when your child is getting better. His appetite is starting to come back some, but I may be calling the pediatrician in the morning. He is still running a low-grade temp and his dirty diapers have changed colors. I have to figure out what he has had since we’ve allowed him to start drinking diluted sugar-free juice. Plus, when left unattended for five minutes he manages to find the crayons we haven’t seen and “hide” them before we can even stop him.

He isn’t napping as often today as he was yesterday and his temperament is so much better, thank goodness. All I can say is I will be thrilled when Baby #3 gets here and I can tandem nurse again. BB needs all the nutrients and antibodies he can get.

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