Day 1: Revisiting Potty Training

Expenses are getting a bit too high for us, and our laziness is really beginning to show. When I was in school, the boys would attend daycare. LB was very good at potty training. He had less than one accident a week. I’d say that is really good.

However, when we brought the boys home from school, and even on the weekends, we would put LB in a pull up. We only changed him when he became too soaked or dirtied his pull up. Our laziness has really been hurting us financially. Now that we are out for the holiday break it’s our responsibility to make sure LB stays potty trained.

We buy the giant 46 pack package of pull ups for $20, and generally just the nighttimes since they can hold a lot. At school he wears training cotton bottoms, which are really great. Being a cloth diapering family these are really great. So why on earth do we spend nearly $80 a month on pull ups? Because we’re lazy.

Yesterday was supposed to be the first day of putting LB on the potty, but I was too tired to care and there are still plenty of days throughout the rest of the week to revisit potty training.

So today, I set my timer for one hour. LB will be on that potty every hour, even though I would rather sleep. There is only so much laziness that should be allowed in a family. Children should not have to suffer because their parents are too busy or to lazy.

Luckily, we don’t have to coax LB into going potty. He’s already used to the potty and enjoys using the toilet and all the responsibilities involved. The only issue we have is going poop in the potty.

When I think about him actually accomplishing this feat, the clorox commercial with the little boy running excitedly to his mommy yelling, “Mommy, Mommy. I went poopoo in the potty!” For us, our secret weapon is carpet cleaner. I wanted carpet for the longest, but I never imagined what carpet underwent when having children around. LB’s favorite game is smearing the poop in the carpet or on the television in the playroom. The joyster of parenting.

So how do you potty train your toddler? Have you started or have you already successfully surpassed this milestone?

2 thoughts on “Day 1: Revisiting Potty Training

  1. After reading about your carpet cleaning efforts, I didn’t feel so bad about scraping stickers off the floor this morning. I just left the stickers she put on the vacuum. But it does worry me a bit about potty training #2!

    • I’ve been there. The stickers drive me insane. I think mostly because I am as big as a house and getting on all fours to get the darn things is just too much. I’m hoping potty training #2 will be easier. I think with the help of #1 than #2 may go even smoother. This is the hope, at least.

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