Continuation of our cloth diaper escapades

An update to our cloth diaper escapades, but first I hope everyone has had a great start to their New Year. We have been resting a lot. We were on a family vacation right after Christmas and came back the 30th. It was a pretty long trip for us, but we enjoyed speding time with our family and that’s what it was all about.

According to the list I made for detergent we would try, we were lucky enough to find the Purex at our local Kroger. I noticed that the cap has vertical bar chart-like measurements for the detergent. We decided we would start at the lowest bar. I really thought this was the worst idea I had ever made.

The diapers smelled awful. Hubby said he didn’t smell anything, but I could smell it. I can’t even describe the smell. I can just tell you that it was the most foul smell I had ever encountered.

The next load, I told Hubby, if he gets to the diapers before I do, he needed to do only half the lowest bar. I really needed to know if it was too much detergent or there is something in the detergent that was causing the smell. Thank goodness it seemed to be the former. I didn’t smell the foulness after the next load.

So far the Purex seems to be doing the job. I dont know if we should buy a larger container to offset the extra use of the detergent, we do a cold then hot wash (essentially 2T of detergent) plus the full amount needed for the lowest bar for our regular clothing. I believe that is a total of 4T of detergent about every two to three days. We don’t get the full 66 loads out of each bottle.

The point of this was to not have to make our own detergent anymore. Though, I’m beginning to wonder if we should do one wash with our homemade and one wash with the Purex. Regardless, we still won’t get the full 66 loads out of the bottle.

However, when I really think about it, I believe the lowest bar is roughly 2T. Using half for each diaper wash essentially is the use of one load measurement. That’s 33 loads for diapers and 33 loads for clothes. If we use these exact measurements, and if we were anal enough to separate the detergent, we could make 33 loads last about two months. That’s one load of diapers, 18-24 inserts/covers, every two days. If we stretched it to every three days it would last for three months, but that would be only if we stretched the diapers to 18-24 every three days.

For the laundry, 33 loads would last as long as it lasted. We sometimes have as little as two loads of laundry to as much as six loads in a day. Maybe if we chart our loads and do the exact same amount of loads every two days, we could find ourselves stretching the detergent in order to save money. I think it could be done. Maybe that will be my next project to getting us on to a more frugal lifestyle.

Charting laundry seems very anal to me, but if it saves us money in the long run than being anal will have to become a part of our lifestyle. Does anybody else do this? Does anybody else find themselves creating charts for laundry, food, cleaning, or anything else to make their lives easier and frugal?

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