Your mission…should you choose to accept it…

Mission: Get this baby out of mah’belly!

Because of my blood pressure, my low fluid and being almost to the end of my pregnancy, the doctor is calling it. If Monday things still look good, I will be going back Wednesday night for a balloon, and in the morning they want to break my water. I am still on the fence about my water being broken forcibly, but I also know that the safety of the baby is what’s important here, mine and his.

So the mission is to have this baby on my own. I know what things have worked in the past. Spicy food, walking, maybe some eggplant parmesan, red raspberry leaf tea,  evening primrose oil, and whatever else may come across as a hurry up and get here remedy. The plan has been to let baby get here when he gets here. What people don’t know is that blood pressure is a very scary thing in my family.

I do want him to get here when he gets here, but I also wonder if using a home birth midwife I would have the same options. I don’t know much about home births and I won’t pretend to. What I do know is that midwives will give you what it is you want and keep the baby in mind.

With all of that aside, I am going to go ahead and work with my OB. He understands what it is I want and I understand where it is he is coming from. Sometimes, when you are having a hospital birth you have to make compromises. When you choose to have a hospital birth, you also choose to follow their rules. They can only bend so far before they have to say enough is enough. We should all get to have what it is we want in a birth, but I think sometimes people tend to forget that there are rules to follow.

As I get closer and closer to the big day, I wonder what it is I can do to get what I want. Some things I have to consider is what happened with my last two pregnancies. Both pregnancies I have had PROM, premature rupture of membranes. They have happened on their own, thankfully, with labor further progressed by pitocin. This time my OB is hoping to go for no pitocin, per my request. I’m trying to find whatever will work.

Checking out What to Expect when Expecting, I’m seeing several familiar things I already knew, but am willing to give them a try. Walking, sex, evening primrose oil capsules, castor oil (which I do not plan on taking), spicy food (I pushed that envelope with some terribly hot chicken fingers from Zaxby’s), acupuncture (luckily we have a licensed acupuncturist in Columbus I may go see), acupressure (I may be running up a bill next week), nipple stimulation (LB still wants me to nurse him so this could be an advantage), and a massage (yes, I think we will be having a hell of a bill next week).

I am also checking out some .edu websites. They also have much of the same info. At least I know I am finding some well researched information. I don’t like to rely on just any website, like webmd or others that are in that same group. I prefer to find my info from well researched websites. After all, anyone can post anything to the internet and say it’s right. Look at wikipedia. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that’s where they get their info.

Tomorrow I will make a few phone calls to find out about some places that will do acupressure or acupuncture. If this is going to happen, I would really like it to happen on my own terms.

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