Day 30: Revisiting Potty Training

Did I happen to mention how much it sucks to keep any form of schedule for something that seems as simple as potty training? I use ‘simple’ very loosely. Anyone who has never potty trained a child, especially a toddler (some people use Elimination Communication in order to potty train their infants). Do you know what it is like to potty train a toddler?

The lowdown: No mommy, I don’t want to! No, I won’t do it! Ok, mommy. Let’s go weewee. I need to go weewee mommy (followed by my toddler pissing all over the floor).

Potty training a toddler is like dealing with a manic depressant. They’re up, they’re down, they’re thrilled to sit on their special little seat (tips for those who haven’t started potty training or are about to: do not get a mini toilet your child can move around freely. A friend explained with her oldest he wanted to show what he proudly did and carried it to his mom. Needless to say there was a trail of pee down him and leading from the bathroom). We use a nice little cushion seat LB can put on top of the toilet seat and hang back up when he’s done with it. Of course, it is a Car’s product. He loves Car’s. Going to be interesting trying to find a Toy Story seat for #2.

Are we any closer to officially being potty trained? If we stopped relying on pull-ups so much maybe we would have an easier time of it. Unfortunately, with the bug going around the way it has been, we have been passing around some disgusting stomach virus that has LB all out of sorts. I’m curious how other parent’s deal with nasty bugs that come through their households while potty training. I feel this undoes everything we have worked so hard towards.

We have been keeping time, sort of. When we’re really vigilant about it, we make sure LB goes to the bathroom every two hours. When he’s in a pull-up I make sure he goes every hour, but this is also on a good day. Being so close to giving birth and being back in school I am just too lazy to even care at this point.

He uses the potty at school and wears cotton training bottoms. He does really well and all this week he has been incident free. Potty training is going well, it’s just our methods aren’t as quick as we had hoped. And we knew going in to this it wasn’t going to happen over night. I refuse to read any books on the issue. Not because I am stubborn or anything like that, but what has worked for that particular person or the people the author has interviewed was what worked for them. I have read so many books on parenting and how to make LB happy when we first had him. It was then that I finally realized enough was enough. I couldn’t rely on what some person wrote on how to raise my child. What does this person know about me? Absolutely nothing.

So potty training after 30 days has gone just as we expected it would. Slow going, but going. There have been some minor setbacks due to the illnesses we have had to deal with, but for the most part we have introduced him to a new right of passage that he has grown to enjoy and grow with. I do have to say it will be a huge milestone when he finally goes woowoo (if you don’t know this word you need to find Elmo’s potty time. It has saved us so much grief when teaching about the potty) in the potty. We are still having issues with it, but like I mentioned before, because of the illnesses we’ve dealt with we really aren’t terribly worried about it.

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