Potty Training #2 with cloth

It is official! Frog, 21 months, is potty training! Where has the time gone??? I just put photos of him up in his classroom for a project that all the students were to take part in. Half of the photos are of him in his first year. (It’s hard sometimes staying on top of things because we get so busy. Even one of the mom’s had asked if they were still accepting the photo projects the following week. Money is an issue for us mostly, on top of time. We do digital pictures and very rarely print them.)

Now the time has come. Frog is ready to sit on the toilet at school. I told his teacher that next week we will be sending him with lots of clothes and plenty of underwear. My only concern, even though he has used the potty at home, is how not so cloth-diaper-like the trainers are. I know, that sounds really silly. That’s the point, right? I decided that I was going to fix that problem.

I was way over my head on that notion. I took one of the trainers that no longer fits Lion, ripped the seams on the crotch that holds the absorbent liner in place, and along the edges of the front waistband. Because I have absolutely no confidence in my sewing skills, I am not going to do it this way again. The waistband was the hardest part for me. It could have been because of the elastic or even the material being a jersey-knit that seemed very worn once I ripped the seems. It was really frustrating and I imagine that when it was originally made, the seamstress more than likely fed the elastic through, not encountering the problems I was having with resewing like I did.

I only really have an issue with fixing items, but starting from scratch is not a problem. I think I will be buying plenty of material to make some trainers from scratch that have a thicker layer in the crotch. Frog loves to take his bottoms off and putting them back on. I think trainers are what’s best for him, just with a thicker liner.

Here’s a step by step with what I did.

This is actually the finished project, but you can see what I started with.

My worst nightmare! Jersey knit, for me, is very hard to contend with when it’s already been used. I plan on either doing this again but with fold over elastic or starting from scratch with materials I buy and using fold over elastic. Either way, this will probably not be happening again.

The anatomy of a Gerber trainer. It’s a single layer of thin batting. When I make liners, I use five to seven layers of batting with a total of four layers of fabric. I would add at least two or three more layers here. Under it is the microfiber washcloth I used. It is tri-folded and I knew it would be too wide for the trainer, so I quad-folded it and seamed the edges.

You can see the horizontal stitching that keeps the insert in place. this is on both sides.

The blue thread is the seam that I ripped. You can see what a wonderful job I did sewing the waistband back to the material and then sewing the band closed.

This is really the most difficult piece I have ever worked on. For the most part, it worked ok, but it sure didn’t hold up to nap time. I wanted to make it smaller by putting snaps on the sides, but since the legs are not made with elastic, I was afraid that would actually end badly for me. Next time I plan on starting from scratch and see how that turns out.

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