Life with an Exceptional Child

I want to point out that a year ago this was not Lion. He had adults crowd around him and hold him down like that was the only option to control him, because control is apparently the most important thing in early childhood development.

He has come a long way and we have seen him change so much! This new daycare he is at is a study center like the last one. There is one telltale difference: they let him be himself! Lion had showed us a whole other view of the world, and it is amazing to see life through his eyes.

It is amazing to have a place that wants him there. The second day he was there, MUWCPDC brought in a hammock for Lion to sleep on. They found other means to help him take a nap, and he does take naps now! Something they couldn’t get him to do at the previous center, which I greatly attribute to the extremely loud lullaby music and excessive talking. They actually want him there and he wants to be there. He talks about Miss Becky, his teacher, with great enthusiasm and his best friend DB, who he hadn’t seen since they were both 18 months old, but it was like time had never separated them!

I wish we had videos from when he was at the other place, but I have their daily reports, which were more a look at how the adults react to someone like Lion than the other way around. A child with sensory issues doesn’t need adults crowding around him like ominous towers or holding him in a way that keeps him from possibly lashing out. When I took the reports and journals to his IEP team, the psychologist that misdiagnosed him, the behaviorist that diagnosed him properly, and his OT team, they were all in agreement that Lion needed an environment that didn’t treat him as an unequal.

I am so glad we found this place and so grateful for the staff and the students that are there. They love Lion and treat him as a normal child that sometimes needs a little help, but otherwise they just let him be him! And letting him be him also means we need another folder for all of his art!

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